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Our Statement of Purpose:

Our Statement of Purpose: The purpose of the Homeschooling Cooperative of Sacramento (HCS) is to create a cooperative and supportive community of homeschooling families without regard to educational, political, or religious philosophies. By sharing our talents, energies, skills, and interests, we offer greater educational opportunities to our children.

Who We Are The Homeschooling Cooperative of Sacramento (affectionately known by its members as .The Co-op.) was founded more than twenty years ago. We are a group of homeschooling families who are interested in sharing our energy and enthusiasm for homeschooling, regardless of educational, religious, or political philosophies.

What We Do Our members plan activities such as field trips, bowling, roller skating, workshops, craft days, camping trips, trips to the lake, holiday parties, and picnics. Our members also get together to organize cooperative classes. Members are encouraged to share ideas, skills, and interests on an ongoing basis as the success of our group depends on the contributions of our members. We maintain a Yahoo group for our members which provides us with a quick way to share ideas, ask questions, offer suggestions, and post impromptu activities. The Yahoo group is a great way for us to stay in touch with each other.